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Powder Coating Terms and Conditions

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Warranty against flaking & peeling on new items or chrome plated items for 6 months from the date of service, Warranty against flaking & peeling on used parts for 3 months from date of service. No warranty on parts that are not media blasted before powdercoat.

We assume no responsibility for nicks, cuts, scratches, or any other abusive wear and tear during the consumer’s usage once parts have been powder coated and delivered. All parts received by Four Seasons Metalworks must be able to withstand 400*F. Four Seasons Metalworks is not responsible for items damaged due to these high temperatures. Four Seasons Metalworks is not responsible for items damaged during removed per customer request. Four Seasons Metalworks will only mask areas and holes per customer request.

There is not express warranties except as specifically noted above. Four Seasons Metalworks shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damage resulting from use of the item(s) or arising out of any breach of this warranty. The customer is responsible selecting color or finish before sevices. Color Variances due to changing material batches are not the responsibility of Four Seasons Metalwork’s. The customer is responsible for reviewing & approving parts when they are picked up. Once approved by the customer parts are considered complete once paid for in full by consumer.

Certain materials are prone to “out gassing” during curing and will leave small pin hole defects. Four Seasons Metalworks does not warranty nor assume any responsibility for any out-gassing that may occur during the powder coating process.